we know
how life changing
our work can be

But we can sometimes struggle with the whole picture
of building a practice
– from self-belief to self-care,
boundaries to business skills.

i’m sara hammond

After fifteen years of successfully running a fully-booked practice, and having other therapists ask me how I do it, I wanted to share what I’ve learned. The courses and materials you’ll find here are designed to help you create and sustain a thriving and compassionate practice – by reaching the people who need your help, so you can do the work that you love.

My approach is different from most of what’s out there in the wellness industry:

  • I don’t try to convince you that social media, self-promotion and sales tactics are the keys to success. Instead, I show you how connection and client-care are the real foundations of a fully-booked practice.
  • I believe that mainstream ‘business’ advice just doesn’t fit with what we do. I’ve taken the parts of it that really work and combined them with the essence of healing – trust, safety and empowerment

The result is a step-by-step process to grow a wellness practice you’re proud of – even if you’re not a business person.

if you’re curious, here’s a little about me:

I started out studying modern and ancient languages – I loved words and communicating across different cultures. A career in therapy wasn’t even on my radar. But the Universe had other plans, in the form of unexpected changes and traumatic events. And so, in my early twenties I stumbled into the world of natural medicine looking for help for myself. I found it. And I also found the work that would change my life, and set me on a very different path.

Over fifteen years later, I run my own therapy practice in the city of Brighton & Hove, where I specialise in helping my clients to recover from chronic health issues, and to find resilience and healing following trauma.

When I’m not working, I can often be found taking long train journeys across Europe to visit friends and family. I’m never far from a really good espresso, usually on the lookout for multicoloured post-it notes and mostly just trying to understand everything I can about what it means to be human. So far – at least for me – it keeps coming right back to kindness and connection.

What really matters…

When I started out as a therapist, all I wanted to do was help people. But the ‘building a practice’ side of things – marketing, looking for clients, setting boundaries – totally threw me. I wasn’t prepared for having to put so much energy into something (‘selling’) that felt so at odds with healing itself.

All around me, other struggling practitioners and yoga teachers – some of the most passionate and caring people I knew – seemed resigned to constant struggle and low expectations: not having enough clients, not being paid enough, not feeling appreciated. Everywhere, I would hear: “It’s hard to make a living as a therapist”. Or: “Well, we’re not in this for the money, are we?”

It made no sense to me. I knew how life-changing this work could be. Why was it so hard to build a thriving practice when there was this much need? Was it really because there was ‘too much competition’?

Here’s the truth.

If you focus on ‘getting clients’, ‘getting attention’ or ‘getting raving fans’, it won’t work. And it certainly won’t feel good. Because waving a sign saying ‘Look at me! I’m the expert! I can fix you!’ isn’t what people want to see. Even with the best intentions, it has the opposite effect from what you’re trying to achieve.

I took a different path. I sidestepped the usual business advice, and took courses in storytelling, ethical marketing and communication. I learned about the qualities we need in order to really hold space for people. I found out how important it is to own our skills and our worth so we can help our clients do the same. And I learned from some of the best and most successful therapists, about what really works in the world of growing a practice.

By putting what I learned into a series of simple steps, I grew my practice steadily to fully-booked with a waiting list. I’ve done this twice, after I moved across the country and had to start again! Taking this path didn’t involve selling my soul, or buying into the ‘guru wellness culture’ that you see everywhere these days.

Most of all, I took the lessons from my own experience, noticing that what brought me clients over and over again wasn’t advertising, or special offers. It was something much deeper.


How do you create and sustain a thriving wellness practice?

The answer is through connection.

It’s the power behind your practice, and the key to your success.

My mission is to show you exactly how to create that connection –

at every stage of your practice, and with every person you can help.

From the moment they first hear about you, or land on your website, to the very first consultation or class, and beyond.

You don’t have to buy into the story that it’s hard to make a living in the world of holistic health, or that there’s too much competition out there. Right now, people need your help more than ever before.

As Rumi said, eight hundred years ago:

“What you seek, is seeking you.”

It’s still true today.

With love and support,


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