December 18th, 2019

We all need to feel safe: this is your work

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We need to feel safe in our bodies, and in our lives.

And we all need to know that we’re worthy of love and support. That we deserve to make the time for self-care. This goes for most of the humans I know, and for sure it applies to your clients.

This might not have been part of the curriculum when you were training in massage or acupuncture or yoga – but no matter what service you’re offering people, it comes first.

You’re holding a space where your clients can feel safe enough to simply be however they are. To notice what they’re feeling. To make sense of what’s going on in their bodies, or in their lives. To be unjudged and unhurried. This is what matters. This is what has to be there, for any real kind of healing or recovery to happen.

Your work isn’t to fix your clients, or to rescue them. Your work – and it might just be some of the most amazing work in the world – is to hold the space for someone to feel safe enough to find their own way forward.